Holistic Fertility Management


   For centuries women have been managing their fertility naturally.

Practices of fertility management date back to prehistoric times where women marked the passing of the moon & their menses with notches on bones and known well the use of plant allies to prevent or release pregnancy. Today, many of us have lost touch with these ancient practices and connection, and have come to rely on external care providers and systems of healthcare that are disconnected from the wisdom of nature.


    Our fertility is deeply connected to our life essence. Thus when we give over the management of our fertility/ life energy to those outside ourselves – pharmaceutical companies, doctors, legislators, etc, we lose the opportunity to be truly in charge of our bodies and lives. When we reclaim our decisions around our fertility, we empower our sovereignty and affirm our creative nature.


    Fertility Awareness gives us this relationship ~ it is a practice of engaging with our body daily, learning its language and then living our life according to its signs and signals.

So much more than a practical tool, learning to gauge our fertility enables us to assess where we are in our creative cycle and how we want to use our energy. We learn to go with the current of our hormones and emotions rather than against, trusting that in the times our body is asking us to rest and go inward we will find replenishment for the bursts of activity ahead. We learn to let our creative ideas gestate and take on natural cycles of expansion and contraction, trusting in the wisdom of the cycles that are playing out in our lives and beyond.


    Every day we have the opportunity to connect to the rhythms of our bodies and of the earth. We can know if we are fertile, and decide how to use our energy accordingly. We can listen to the circadian rhythms of dark and light, day and evening and align our daily routines with those rhythms to support our hormonal health.

When we feel something going “awry” in our bodies, instead of needing to look to a higher authority figure to “fix” us, we can first consult the vast body of knowledge and wisdom gained from cultivating a deep relationship with our cycles. We can come to trust our body's cycles as a natural and beautiful phenomena, embracing even the messiness and especially the intrinsic connection we have with all life.