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We will discuss ways to holistically support your womb & reproductive health – including birth control methods, fertility awareness, food and plant remedies, flower essences & self care practices.

This could be for you if

~You are seeking relief and remedies from painful symptoms connected to your cycle (such as) PMS, Painful periods, etc.

~You are frustrated by the available birth control options and want a natural, hormone free alternative or are considering transitioning off hormonal birth control.

~You want to connect more deeply with your womb, sexuality & feminine nature.


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Contraception Package

Learn to track your cycles for hormone free, eco birth control.

~Includes invaluable Anatomy + Physiology lesson

~3 (90) min consults of charting instruction + support in person or online

~Hormonal health related nutrition and lifestyle guidance

Fertility Package

Conceive naturally + consciously. Includes holistic physical, emotional and spiritual support for the journey of preparing to bring new life into the world.

~Includes 3 90 min consults in person or online

~Fertility Awareness education and charting support

~Preconception nutrition and lifestyle guidance


Pregnancy Release


Pregnancy Release

For as long as women have been having babies, they have also been deciding not to have them. It is my belief that the choice to terminate a pregnancy needs to be as equally supported as the choice to continue one. I treat a pregnancy release like a birth, with unconditional presence as well as holistic nutritional, emotional and spiritual support.






I am available for individual sessions and group classes for teens and preteens on body literacy, menstrual health and empowerment, positive self-esteem, and more.

I also offer custom Coming of Age ceremonies for young women experiencing their first moon/ menstruation.


Upcoming Events:


Fertility Awareness Class Series

Dates & Location TBA

This class series will give you everything you need to know to start practicing the Fertility Awareness Method for contraception/birth control, as well as a tool for balancing your hormones and creating a life in sync with your monthly flow.


Have questions? Want more clarity on which sessions are right for you?

Available for Sessions in Nevada City, CA, The Bay Area, CA and online