birth Services



I am dedicated to providing supportive and empowering presence as you tune into your body’s inherent wisdom and claim your choices of where and how you birth your child. I am committed to the wise woman model of care - in which you are already, whole, complete and have everything you need. I also strive to pamper you with delicious activities to prepare you for the initiation of birth.

~Includes complimentary, hour long introductory meeting at your home

~On call from 37 - 42 weeks gestation

~Email, text and phone support 

~ Attendance at birth in your place of choice, and 2 hours after.

~2 postpartum visits

*Bonus: Tantric Birth preparation:

~ Exercises and practices to help you drop into the sensual power of your body and of birth.

~ Tap into your primal power and orgasmic capacity to assist you in birth and in life