The Initiation


My mother passed away when I was 7 years old

leaving an opening in my life, a question:





I searched in the mainstream media and only found empty idols, surface level glamour, and false promises of validation.

I longed to be initiated. I longed to embody the love that I felt inside.

At age 20, I began experiencing debilitating menstrual cramps, along with a gastrointestinal health crisis, which led me to an in depth study of the menstrual cycle and holistic health. Through self study, I learned to track my cycle, and about the incredible hormonal, psychological and spiritual processes that happen each month. For the first time, I discovered myself as a lunar being - capable of waxing and waning - giving life and death, each month. I discovered my grief, and the years of suppressed emotions in my womb and belly and learned how to feel and honor it. I remembered my rhythms as part of something greater, a part of nature, the moon and the cosmos.


I realized that the world needs the medicine of the feminine.

Ready to dive in and share this information, I enrolled in a two year training with Grace of the Moon to be a certified Fertility Awareness Educator. The training has gifted me with an intimate understanding of my own cycle and health, as well as the tools and knowledge to serve others in this way. My passions for plants and nature have led me to complete programs in Shamanic Herbalism and Ayurveda ~ allowing me to weave in my reverence for the wisdom of the elements.


The Earth is my muse:

I have always felt at home in nature, having grown up amidst trees and meadows and open space. In the wild, I remember who I truly am. This love compelled me to study Outdoor Education to bring the magic of the wilderness into people's lives. However I discovered that a large majority of the Outdoor Adventure needed more of the feminine too: to worship and listen to her rather than to recreate and take from her. A new world needed to be born ~ one in which we can celebrate to the sacred power of our bodies and the earth. So I turned to the very source:


I remembered the ancient calling of birth:

The first day of an eight week doula training with Hearts and Hands Midwifery, I cried tears of joy. I had arrived. I knew deep in my being that I am meant to hold space for the miracle of birth, and be a guardian of the portal between worlds. I attended my first birth in August 2017.  Shaking, crying and rejoicing, I watched life emerge into the world. I beheld the power of a woman’s body in the most primal, ancient act of love.




I am here to serve your womb

All this study and embodied experience has led into a full hearted immersion into the study of  holistic womb health, fertility awareness, and the blood mysteries including birth, abortion and miscarriage.

I believe in an world where the cyclical nature of the womb and the earth are worshipped and revered.

My philosophy of healing is to support wholeness in the body. I am committed to deep presence, and holding space for you to embody your own brilliance.


 Because you carry the wisdom within you. I am here to walk beside you as you initiate yourself, through the power of your own womb.


With wild love,






BA - Adventure Education for Women - Prescott College, 2015

Shamanic Herbalism Apprenticeship, Ancient Earth Apothecary,  2015

Hearts & Hands Midwifery Intensives: 2016

Ayurvedic Clinical Foundations: the Dhyana Center, 2017

Grace of the Moon Fertility Awareness and Reproductive Health Educator Certification- 2017

Doula Thrive: 13 moon Doula Mentorship: 2017 - 2018

Embody Tantra Tantra Teacher Training ~ 2018

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Currently residing in Nevada City, CA